Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kittys for sale

This last guy has been sewn and heavly tea stained. his facial features are made from wool. He is a fun guy for sure.$14.95+s.h.
The middle cat up is stained and painted, then distressed. His face is stitched osnaburg. He has a rusty bell pinned on.$14.95_s.h.
first kitty today is a cuter cleaner cat. He is made of wool and has stitched on facial features. He wears a blue collar with rusty bell. $14.95+s.h.
Sorry they are out of order but I am just learning!!!
THanks for looking.


  1. Love the cats and the quilts behind them!

  2. What adorable offerings....glad they sold for you.
    Karen (from APP forum)
    My Colonial Home Blog