Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bears,Bears ,Bears

I have been in a teddy bear mood. Here are a few of my new friends.

Ted D. Bear is $24.95 plus shipping charges

Frankie $24.95 plus shipping

Cole is $14.95 plus shipping

Benjamin is 14.95 plus shipping

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursdays outting

As you know I spend Thursday with my mother. We always have so much fun together. Today we decided to go to Pickering Farm .
Pickering Farm was built in the 1790's in Richmond, NH by
Timothy Pickering who was known as Squire Pickering. He was a
house wright and along with other homes in the town built the brick
church that abuts the property. The property passed out of the
family upon his death and had many owners over the years. Some of
the home business that have graced the homestead are Blacksmith,
Cobbler, Farmer, Antique Store, Real Estate Office, as well as the
towns first Post Office. The home is listed in the Historic Homes of
Cheshire County. Currently owned by Diana and Steve Gallagher.
The shop is beautifly decorated . They have antique reproduction fabric from 1780-1930's. Wool for penny rugs and rug making,homespuns patterns and supplies. They also have primitive style items decorating the shop but is for sale as well.
They have expanded the shop by including their kitchen area. I was amazed they still use it as living quarters. It was so clean and decorated so well. I wish I had taken photos inside so you could see but I didn't notice it until we had already gone out to the car but went back in to use the bathroom.
They had chocalate molds in the kitchen window . Hanging from a kitchen beam were old kitchen items. The bathroom had a old wal mount drying rack with antique childrens dresses hanging from it as well as socks.It was a treat to the eye.I left with a happy heart and empty purse!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Give Thanks

Prudence, a shelf sitter.
$12.95 + s.h.

Sammy is a shelf sitter style scarecrow.
$12.95+ s.h.

This cute little scarecrow will surely steal your heart.
$14.95 + s.h.

Up for your consideration is this sweet little scarecrow.
$14.95 + s.h.

Fall is in the air

Hilda 24.95+s.h.

She is ready for the bewitching hour in her fall plaid dress.